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From its inception in 2002, MATRIZdesign has quickly become one of the most renowned Furniture Labs in Argentina.  

Under the creative direction of Architect Viviana Melamed, MATRIZdesign produces exclusive collections of furniture, upholstery and lamps. 

MATRIZdesign is recognized for its ability to produce innovative and high quality designs for a variety of clients, from private residential homes to hotels and big hospitality projects. 

Based on the idea of merging urban life attributes with nature's qualities, MATRIZdesign uses noble woods presented in its raw form as well as intervened, metals with handmade patinas, dyed leather, natural fiber fabrics and coating and painting processed applied on a variety of surfaces. All the utilized processes are hand made, high quality, produced in Argentina and exported to the world. 

MATRIZdesign commercializes in Argentina and exports its designs to the world. 

Since 2002, the different collections have been showcased in all the editions of CASA FOA, the most important and acclaimed interior design exhibit in Argentina, and have been featured in numerous magazines and publications. 

Melamed-Casa Bonfico Highland-PH_Andres Negroni _IMG_7185final.jpg
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